IMG_0463Provistop is an effective electrolyte mix for calves, supplying energy and extra electrolytes and also helping to protect the intestinal wall.

Features and benefits

Mixing instructions
Dissolve 50g of Provistop in 1 litre of water (40°C)
Dosage instructions
Provistop can be fed as the sole feed for 1-3 days.

If the calf is not stabilized after 3-4 days, it is recommended to combine feeding milk or calf milk replacer together with Provistop

Feeding instructions calves
  • Feed two litres (100g) of Provistop, twice a day.
  • For calves in bad body condition, Provistop should be fed three times a day.
  • After feeding Provistop, it is recommended to gradually go back to milk feeding and to feed limited quantities of milk or milk replacer until the calf is back in stable condition.
  • Provistop can also be added to milk or calf milk replacer as preventive measure at the rate of 25g per feeding
Feeding instructions lambs
Feed Provistop ad lib (50 g/litre). Provistop can be added to milk replacer fed from automatic feeders at the rate of 3kg Provistop per 25kg milk replacer.