The Nurture with Provimi™ programme is comprehensive. It includes a full range of products required for raising healthy heifers and achieving growth targets specific to the unit.

It all starts before birth with ‘Nurture with Provimi’, by offering the latest innovations on dry cow nutrition.

The programme progresses by supporting growth with state of the art formulations in colostrum, milk replacers, starters and grower feeds. It’s adds value at all stages to help maximize the return and investment in dairy youngstock rearing.



Nutrition, management and health during the pre-weaning phase has a lasting influence on lifetime performance.  A flying start is the first step towards …

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Phase 2, 3


The nutrition and management of calves in their first weeks has a lasting influence on lifetime performance. The main focus at this stage is …

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Phase 1, 2


Provistop is an effective electrolyte mix for calves, supplying energy and extra electrolytes and also helping to protect the intestinal wall. Features and …

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Phase 7


Refresh is an electrolyte solution for rapid rehydration after calving. This helps the cow to recover after the challenges she faces at calving …

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Phase 4, 5, 6

Rupromin™ Heifer

The uptake of vitamins and minerals from the base ration is often insufficient. Shortages of important trace minerals and vitamins are frequently the …

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Phase 7

Rupromin Precalver and Precalver Elite

Rupromin Pre-Calver contains high levels of Vitamin E and Proviox™ 50 to improve the heifer’s natural defences and fight off challenges. The high …

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