Feeding schedule

The following table is the recommended programme for feeding Provimilk. This can be modified to match the producer’s target for optimal and economic growth of their calves.

Milk (litres)
Daily feeding frequency
Day 4-7
Week 2
Week 3-5
Week 6-7
Week 8


Feeding in cold conditions

To maintain the efficient use of valuable protein for growth in cold conditions, the concentration of calf milk replacer should be increased to ensure the calf’s energy requirement is met in order to maintain body temperature.

Feeding for a high growth rate

If there is a need to achieve a higher growth rate and the calves are healthy, then more milk can be fed in the first three weeks of life. This can be achieved either by increasing the concentration of milk powder or by feeding three times per day. Increasing the amount of milk per feeding is not recommended, as this might increase the risk of ruminal drinking.

Feeding levels, to a maximum of six litres a day, can be maintained up to five weeks old. This will stimulate solid feed intake that is essential for rumen development. Milk feeding can then be decreased from six weeks of age to increase solid feed intake even more. Calves should be weaned in week 8 by cutting milk feeds to once a day.

Bespoke feeding schedules to suit the unit’s targets can be developed with the calf and heifer advisor.